August 25, 2012

First non-sewing project in a gazillon years

I know I haven't posted in what seems like forever. So much has been going on. My little girl started dancing in competitions. She placed third in her first Tahitian (solo) dance competition in late April. There were a few other competitions that her group won. She also sang her first vocal competition and placed first.

The Tahitian group (well one of her groups) was training 5 days/week. Summer wasn't a time to let up. We actually took a 10 day trip to Tahiti. Not only did they dance there but Riley took first place in the competition. I think it says a lot about being able to come in first dancing in the country where the dance originated.

Anyhow, this brings me to my first non-sewing project in almost a year. It is a canvas based on the "Keep calm and carry on" posters. With Tahitian dance, it is all freestyle in competitions. The house dryers play beats and you have to know what steps go with the particular music right away. A "fa'arapu" is the fast circular hip movement and is the main step they judge dancers on. Oh I bet you are even wondering what Tahitian dance is.

You know when you think of hula girls in coconut bras and grass skirts...well that really is Tahitian dance.

Anyhow, I covered the entire canvas with matte gel medium which didn't turn out the way I hoped. My medium is really old. And it gave the piece more of a bees wax appearance. Instead of redoing everything or trashing the canvas, I stuck it out and went with the flow. Well, I hope to be back soon with more projects.