March 5, 2012

True XOXO layouts

Sorry I have not been posting.Costume design and sewing have taken priority over paper crafting. Plus I've had some tooth pain for the past two weeks so I am trying to bounce back. I do have two True XOXO layouts for you today. The first was completed for a "leap" challenge. It's a combination of Prima, Making Memories and GCD Studios. It was an out of focus photo of Riley doing a jete in rehearsal. The original photo of the layout is stored on another system so it's a saved file from FB. Even more out of focus now. If only you could see her face in the image.

I can't say I am thrilled with this layout. It wasn't what I intended. Riley and I are taking a Teresa McFadden writing class learning how to make whimsical lettering. I have awesome block hand writing  but I am not fond of my own hand writing in general. It's great for note taking and for people to read but nothing decorative. This month's challenge was really to create a layout inspired by Pinterest. My inspiration came from the quote, "I hope you always find a reason to smile." Last month, I had her two front teeth pulled. So she's toof-less in the photo if you can't tell. Those two teeth were loose since...gees before Halloween. So it was their time to go.

I recently created a tote bag for a serger class. Hopefully I will feel well enough to post an image of my fabric painting creation on this tote.