September 28, 2012

I adore Fall!

I think that autumn has to be my favorite season. Now one could say that we can wear the same clothes all year round here in San Francisco but I think it's more than just the clothes. It's the colors! I have to admit, I don't wear much green...or any orange or yellow at all (orange and yellow really clash with my skintone). So that being said, it doesn't mean that I can't play with them on canvas.

There are reasons I think I haven't scrapbooked much over the past year. One is that I felt a bit confined to the square of a layout or canvas. Maybe I wouldn't have noticed a difference if I hadn't started sewing. Fabric is so versatile. I can make it into just about anything and in any size. I may not be the best at sewing or follow directions but I can make it hold together just the same and no one knows it. Being self taught....I am okay with this.

Recently I have gotten back into mixed media to ease myself into holiday teacher gifts. With the same methodology, it doesn't have to be perfect and no one knows the difference. Here are peeks at my most recent fall creations.

Above, I used Dollar Tree synthetic leaves for the majority of my background texture. I love the bubbling of glue and paint when hit with a heat gun. So I figured I would heat the edges of the leaves...and they looked even better after they curled. There is a ton of texture on this canvas. The cardstock was flocked and gave it a great look.

This was the first owl canvas I had created. I got a Paper Smooches wood grain stamp last week. It has deeply etched edges and no texture in between which allows for great stamped images on any cardstock. Well, I used it on molding paste. Okay not really. I pressed the stamp into molding paste. I will suggest that if you do the same, rinse off the stamp under warm water before pressing into the paste a second time. I got a lot of paste stuck in the stamp and the image didn't come out clear on the second stamping because it was all clogged up (see the open space?). Now I should have placed the own on the other side but I liked how I tied the gingham ribbon. So it was too bad, so sad.

I hope I have given you the inspiration to create mixed media art work inspired by fall