October 31, 2011

Halloween Madness

Happy Halloween! We have a busy day ahead of us. We have costume parades galore and Riley wants me to dress up too. I've been prepping for this day for months. We've had a haunted house for Riley's musical theater company, school carnival, dance school carnival. Have I mentioned that I had arranged for a donation of 140 pumpkins for the Tahitian dance group to sell at the carnival? Not only did we have to drive 90 miles to pick them up but we had to store them for two weeks. This year I even made my own costume. You won't see the photos yet. But you can see what Riley looked like after she watched a YouTube tutorial and did her own zombie makeup for the Haunted House.

Not bad for a 6-year old, huh? Haha well here's something not so scary.

She was making googley eyed spider treats for class. Ms. Silly glue dotted the eyes to her own...luckily they were removal glue dots and didn't take off her eyelashes!
Okay something a lot more interesting...a layout! Amazing how such a scary looking zombie is so cute. Now go out and have fun today trick or treating!