October 28, 2011

Scraps stump me

In Shimelle's class, we had a prompt which instructed us to pick a few background sheets, a few small patterns, a few large ones. And then we were supposed to hack everything into rectangles and squares. Just random cuts. The thinking behind it makes sense....tons of layouts from a few cut papers. Now I have major issues with this. For one, I have a hard enough time using scraps. But to think I cut scraps just to make layouts with no specific purpose is almost like scratching a blackboard with my nails. This layout...I didn't do too well with. I mean there are two cut blocks from different manufacturers. It's all right but it sure isn't something I am happy with. I think I need a whole lot more in the embellishment department.

Seriously it was a good lesson for me to learn that this type of scrapbooking is NOT and I repeat...is NOT for me. But this next page wasn't so horrible and I used up a lot of tags and stickers. I think it may need more but I need to just walk away and leave it at that. A lesson learned. I am happier with this layout than the previous. So maybe it's just that I don't like the thought of cutting something valuable in my mind...a precious resource (yes just a 12" piece of cardstock) for no reason whatsoever. But when given a true scrap....I can well...make lemonade.

Next time I'm approached with a project like this...remind me that it just isn't my style.