March 30, 2011

Polymer clay meets Chip Art Tools

Today I used Melody Ross' Chip Art Tools in polymer clay. I did a faux enamel technique to create a floral headband for Riley (no big surprise there). . . and actually I forgot the gold paint. Guess you wouldn't know it if you've never seen it. Riley loves her headband anyhow. I sure wish she didn't have such sensitive eyes. She won't ever face toward the sunlight.

Plus while I had the black clay out, I made a cuff bracelet, again using the tools. It was difficult to take a photo of the bracelet on my own arm. I guess I could have dug out the tripod but that would have created an avalanche of "waiting to be upcycled clothes." Next up. . . a trial using the tools on fabric.


Jainnie said...

Love that headband!!