November 29, 2010

Christmas come this way!

I am all ready for Christmas. We seem to be busy every weekend with something musical theater related so we really didn't have too much of an option on when we were going to cut a tree. Well. . . we came home with the biggest yet. We haven't found the Tinkerbell topper which I have no clue how we would get it on the tree at this point because it's so tall. It's a good 13' high..... Oh yeah. .. ignore the mess and the disorganized presents. I had to do a quick wrap job on Riley's gifts so she could put them under her tree.

But now on to scrappy-ness. Here's a layout I had done for Riley's visit with Santa last week. I can't get out of her what she told Santa she wanted because she told me that if she would, her wish wouldn't come true. Well we have a good idea on what she wants. Kind of difficult when a kid gets about everything she wants to begin with. . . but we're onto her. And by the way. . . this goodness is brought to you by THE SAMPLER. You can still get your hands on this November kit!


Lynnette Davis said...

Oh goodness! I'm not even ready to set up the tree or put out any decorations yet. Your making me look like a slacker. LOL