April 26, 2010

Prepping for Utah!

I'm heading out to Utah for the Making Memories warehouse sale. I still haven't packed but making a mental note on things we should do. I'm kind of bummed that it's going to rain the entire time. Oh well. It'll rain here at home too. Anyways, I think I'm so excited to go that I'm not in the mood to scrap. I did manage to pull out one layout before we leave.

Since My Mind's Eye is right up the road from Making Memories, I pulled that out with wishful thinking of stopping by and they too having a sale. Random bits and pieces including tags from Riley's pair of Converse.


Lacee broyles said...

I love your work!! It's so bright and cheery,and amazingly creative!!

kmassman said...

Beautiful layout!

Jessica said...

Your style is great! Soooo jealous you got to go to the warehouse sales. Did you find anything wonderful?!

twistedsoda said...

Sounds like one heck of a time. Visiting scrappy warehouses, I would do that in the rain, a blizzard...Have a great time!

Divine Design said...

love the layers on this one and the stiched up circle is fab!