April 6, 2010

I love this apron!

This is the first apron I've made that has not been out of old jeans. It's the same colors (since the midriff material is the same) as Riley's dress. I chose the fabric first and she said she liked it and that's how she ended up with that dress. I'm thinking shortening the next apron I make and bringing up the bottom to about crotch level. I think on my short body it'll look better. Contemplating what to do with the pocket. I just might sew in a side hidden pocket instead. Oh and I used Glimmer Mist and Prima flowers on this. I thought ahead and made them into pins so that I could wash it. And of course I'll probably make a muslin or canvas version so I can stamp and paint designs on it. All the possibilities.


Bonnie said...

Watch out! It might go missing on our next playdate. tee hee