April 10, 2010

Spring break flew by

I know I've been MIA and I feel guilty. Why? Maybe because I haven't done a layout this week. I haven't done much at all but this week was busy. On Monday I told myself that I could not do anything crafty until I got all the info for our taxes to be done and our appointment was on Tuesday afternoon. Then Wednesday we went to the Discovery Museum with Bonnie, Crystal and Cody. Thursday we went shopping with my mom to Eddie's Quilting Bee and Cranberry Hill. Yeah I bought more fabric. Actually I am almost through with my shorter version of the apron. Then today, I decided to take the kids (nephews too. . .regret? haha) to Pier 39. Yes we did the tourist thing. And I know I shouldn't bring the boys with me anywhere because they get me to buy them stuff that their parents would never. I tell them one thing and the next thing I know they've bought  $20 worth of over priced candy. That left no time whatsoever for crafts. 

Yesterday a few of my projects were posted on SEI's blog again. Take a peek. If you are looking for some of your work to get in front of a manufacturer, try the April Challenge. 

Tomorrow I am taking two Heidi Swapp classes. Seriously I have issues taking supplies listed on any materials list. I always need more because there's always something they say they should have asked us to bring that they did not. And then there's the other extreme where they tell you to bring a ton of stuff and you don't use any of it. So right now I have an over stuffed bag of extras like embellishment and lace.

Which leads me to something I've been thinking about doing for a while. Next week I will do a trim giveaway. I have lots of lace, ribbons, cording and stuff. So there's nothing better than sharing the wealth.