October 23, 2009

Field trip

Let me tell you that this photo is far from anything I would ever want to post but it's the only one I have of Riley with the goats on her field trip we took Wednesday. I was ready to leave. I had my two pumpkins and was ready with car keys in hand. She insisted she had to feed the goats. I wasn't going inside the petting zoo area (it was all goat). I paid the lady the $1 for the food. BTW the woman working the goat area was the same one who's pony sneezed all over my feet in July at another farm. Back to what I was saying. . .

Riley gets the cup of food and right off the bat, she lets a goat on the other side of the fence take her cup of food. He drops it and it spills all over. I was left with picking up the food in the mud. Seriously I was not giving them another $1 for what I didn't want her to do to begin with. On my right side as I picking up the sh!t, I've got a goat chewing on my sweatshirt. On my left. . . there's a goat chewing on the hood of my lens. I was about to knock the one on the head but knew I didn't want to be caught. That's all I needed to be stuck in jail for animal abuse. Then I give Riley back the cup because she still insisted on feeding them. They wouldn't eat it! So this photo is of Riley and she's contemplating what to do with the cup of food. She was already pissed that the goat took her cup and spilled it. Then of course they wouldn't eat anyone's food. So she walked over to the garbage and threw it all away. Oh I was peeved. All of the stress I went through in the garbage. Well long story. . . not so short, Riley says she doesn't like goats and will never feed them on that farm again.


Bonnie said...

Oh! I'm so sorry that happened. we hate goats too. Crystal hates goats so much that while playing with plastic animals, she encountered a toy goat and flung it across the room. We hear ya!