October 25, 2009

Halloween Candy Bouquets

Back in September I was wandering around Dollar Tree when I was trying to buy those small fairy wings for the canvas piece I had done. Well I knew I had to make something for Riley's teachers for Halloween. I saw these candy dishes so I had some help from my mom wrapping the cellophane to create candy bouquets. So far we've given them to five of her teachers. She's got way too many teachers for all her classes she attends. Three more to go. They've gone over well though. I also was able to pick up the foam at Dollar Tree and some lollipops.

Find candy you can pierce with a wooden skewer. Take 3 different types of cellophane and cut them into about 3" or 4" squares. Cut a small hole in the center of the squares. Then take florist tape and wrap the skewers. Poke the candy. Then go back and wrap again starting at the top the cellophane in. I probably would have been better off using beans in the dishes but I forgot that's what we usually use.

I think the worse part of this is the fact that I never realized that there were so many holidays. Actually each month could require a "teacher kiss ass" gift but I think I need a rest in January and June.


Bonnie said...

I love Teacher Kiss Ass Gifts! (Especially yours.) he he