May 21, 2009

Wednesday layout

I'm feeling good this week. I've been a bit behind on my layouts but I'm cleaning up the mess that my scrapbook room had become. It seems like 10x more work moving and sorting the stuff but it'll be worth it. Besides knowing what I have now, I've learned one thing. For a person who doesn't like stickers. . . gees I've got a ton of them. Seriously.

Here's the layout I did for yesterday's prompt for LOAD, which was to scrap about my blog. Talk about not knowing where to start. So my mom made Riley and I matching aprons. Boy did I get in trouble last week when I found her surprise not ready. Back to what I was going to say. She wanted me to take pictures of us in them. So I pulled out the remote shutter release and we were off to make cherry brownies. I'll get to that one too later. Just because I had a photo me with Riley, it became the focus of the layout. I wanted to use the new Fancy Pants Kraft Kutz sheets I bought a few weeks ago but didn't know what to do. And going with my new mix-it/use-it mentality (i.e. the last layout), I used Fancy Pants, KI epoxy stickers, Little Davis (gees that is vintage now right?), Daisy D and Maya Road rubons.

So the cherry brownies. I am not one to make anything with a mix but recently I've decided to go almost gluten free. My stomach hurt every day but I don't consume a lot of bad carbs. . . but it was a trial. My tummy doesn't hurt and I've lost eight pounds in 10 days. Go figure, I must be allergic to gluten! So I bought the mix from Trader Joe's to try the gluten free brownies. Ehhhh I don't know. I tried the batter and it was yucky. So we added dried cherries. I still didn't think that would taste good so we added chocolate chips. They still are pretty horrible. But I will venture off and try making my own gluten free baked goods.

As I was telling Shelley, my mission in life is to make those around me bigger so I look smaller and would never have to diet. Now that I really can't eat all the buttery goodness I bake. . . mission to take over the world is so much easier!


Dani said...

Been wondering what a gluten free diet would do for me so I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

Love the layout!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture. Love the layout. Very cute