January 12, 2009

I took what?!?

I went to the dentist last week to get a crown on a tooth that had a small crack that was an accident waiting to happen (supposedly). So my appointment for the crown was going to be this Friday. Well it hurt me the entire time but I said nothing. This morning before I had to go to a doctor's appointment, my temporary fell out. First time that's ever happened. So it's been hurting ever since and I can't take Motrin right now. I've been in pain for about seven hours. I finally give in and there's no Tylenol around. What do I do? I took Children's Tylenol. I sure don't know why Riley resists sometimes taking it. If anything it's way too sweet but my pain is gone after about 15 minutes so I'm happy now.

I did a two layouts in addition to a clear house-shaped album. The pink layout started off being stamped in only the corners using Fancy Pants stamps and rubons with Daisy Bucket paper I had left over from a heart album I did a year ago. You'll get to see that because I'm going to print those pictures up and finish it. I stuck my inital background in the Pazzles and it really slipped. So that was either scrap or I had to make do. So here's my analysis of this layout. . . it reminds me of Daisy from Rock of Love on VH1 because you don't know what to focus on. Stamps = tattoos, buttons = fake boobs, and the rest her big collagen lips.

The Sassafras layout was using three lines of their papers. The picture totally was the wrong size and not landscape. I couldn't make it work. That's what I get for forming the layout before I downloaded the pictures.

The house album is from Clear Scrap. I found the pictures of our house being built in 2004 while cleaning and finished it all in under 2 hours while Riley napped.


Anonymous said...

All three are great. Love the See Him? layout. great colors.

Mireille said...

simply adore your "see him" layout! Gorgeous!