January 28, 2009

Another digital layout

Courtesy of the Jessica Sprague class. . . It's the Wednesday Challenge. Here's my layout. I totally changed the colors of the paper and ribbon flowers. Browns and oranges aren't my thing. Note: yellow and oranges (and some greens) clash with my skintone! Haha. I think the best part of digital is that I can change colors and only buy something once. It doesn't fill up my garbage either.

I did this between my three phone interviews. One guy asked if it was a good time. He was late (last week he stood me up) and in the way of me posting this. (Did I say I was getting feisty----errrrr with age?) He peeved me because he wants me to create an online marketing plan for his company specifically to see if I can interview. I said I don't do free consulting.

Ok time to do some scrapping with paper. I think I'm going crazy sitting here at the computer. I need paper!


Anonymous said...

Stick to your guns girl. Don't give them something for nothing. I tagged you on my blog. Feel free to not do it if you don't want though. I like the layout. The photos are cute.