January 28, 2009

Got to get my scrap back on. . . .

I feel like I've done nothing for the past few weeks. I think it's because of the bad weather we've been having. My eyes can predict rain better than the meteorologists on tv. And when I don't get a good heavy rain, I feel like crap for a while. So I've been struggling with itchy eyes and I'm always congested which I can tell by looking at photos of myself. . . talk about puffy, dark circles.

I'm getting old anyhow. Birthday is on the way. . . it's my year. . . Ox. Stubborn? Yes.

I didn't get much done today as I had said but since Christmas Riley has been wearing headbands every day (and her Rosetta ring-- Tinkerbell's Garden Fairy friend). She loves her pink headband from the Gap. Since I am not supposed to go out and spend money (shhh. . . yes I know I have and you do too but don't tell) I altered a Sleeping Beauty headband that hurt her head from Dollar Tree. Oh and btw, I did attempt to do this with paper first before the ribbon attempt. I used the wrong pattern. Just didn't work for me. I put Mod Podge on it first.

Hopefully I will be back with something tomorrow since I get to stay home alone because I have three phone interviews. And I think recruiters are a waste of my time. How many times do I have to say I'm not a sales person?