December 28, 2008

Staying in again

Let's cover why I am stuck at home. Yesterday Riley wanted to dance to her Christmas hula song, "Island Stylin' Christmas" so I went outside to get the cd out of the car. Well somehow the lights were on and didn't turn off or I may have forgot to lock the doors which left the lights on. We were taking a late nap and the neighbor rang the bell to let me know the lights were on. So when Michael went out at 5am to go fishing, the battery in my car was dead. Thus Riley and I are stuck at home until we are rescued.

So I decided to scrap Riley's most recent craziness. She told me one night that she was going to sleep with me until she is 50 years old! Great. . . I hardly sleep as it is. She is practically on top of me every night. I can't move much because she looks for me. Even when she was a week old all bundled up, she would inch worm all the way across the bed to find me. I should have known then she was going to be a bed hog.

I used Me & My Big Ideas paper and cut the letters and border with Pazzles.


Anonymous said...

What a cute title. I can relate my son still wants to sleep with my husband and I sometimes. I just tell myself one day he will never do it again so try to enjoy it. I am sure some sleep would be good though.(=