November 19, 2008

Disney Movie Tin

Ok so it's not complete. I have all the photos but have yet to print them out or decorate the tin. But you'll get the idea of what I was shooting for. I plan on taking it back and having the characters sign the pages as well for Riley. We have more characters but they don't fit in the tin or CD visionary doesn't make the patches. I also forgot to finish the Snow White page. Not much I could do with a 6" page.

If you are interested, I have tins you can buy from me. If you don't care if there's a tiny dent, I can also make a REALLY good deal! Oh and if you want to buy patches, I have to buy 3 of each at wholesale. They're really good quality. I've bought from them a few times.



Anonymous said...

Love your header and your work is great. Thanks for following my blog I will put you on my list too.