November 20, 2008

Face of an angel but. . . . .

Watch what you say! Riley's really at a stage where she repeats what we say almost immediately. Plus she doesn't forget the words or the context used. How could such a cute little thing say such bad things? Hahahaha. Knowing mommy and daddy. . . you'd know how she could say things to make us want to run and hide in public.

Of course we get some really funny stories about PawPaw driving slow, mommy driving fast, then PawPaw driving fast like mommy and "it was just like Disneyland." We're all good until Riley says PawPaw drives like Tom. Then we'll have to give PawPaw a bus pass.

I guess we're just waiting for the day when she says something at school and gets sent home with a note about the trucker's mouth or comments about Jessie's big ears.