November 4, 2011

This year's costume

I have to admit...there's only been one other time I've dressed up for Halloween. And that one time was really a partial dress up because I had to for work. Since Riley wanted to be a pirate (we got her costume at Disneyland), she wanted me to be a pirate too. I picked a few patterns. I was going to mix them up with pieces from each. In the end, I settled for one with a coat. I didn't initially like the neck piece but it worked. I had scraps left over so it was a done deal. This actually cost far less than it would have if I would have bought a premade costume and of course of better quality. I even had people tell me that it looked like "real clothes" haha sorry but it is. What they meant was that it wasn't costume quality.

Too bad you can't see my boots. I love these boots. They have a top that folds over and these cute stud/hook things up the back. When I bought these, I did think they would be cute as pirate boots. The bad part is I love one of the studs in the back. Who knows where it went. I did get them from Nordstrom during the pre-sale so they weren't as expensive as you see now. But I'm wondering if they can get me a new stud for a replacement.


Bonnie said...

I'm thinking of having a pirate party for Cody next year....can these two cuties come too?