October 22, 2011

Zipper layout

I recently went to Scrap in San Francisco. I thought it would be in a really bad part of town but it wasn't where I had thought (where I'd get shot or mugged). It's in an industrial area near my dad's work. Anyhow, I dragged my mom along for protection because I was just unsure. A teacher friend told me I would be fine as long as I parked along the fence...see she scared me!  The store receives donations from individuals and companies. A lot of the stuff is really old. If you like to upcycle, it could be your type of place. I like the Oakland reuse store a whole lot better but that is in a bad area and well, I have to pay bridge toll to get home. Anyhow, I guess Scrap gives a lot of stuff away for free. I quite a bit of colored burlap and wool and it was only $6 for my total purchase. I left with an entire paper grocery bag filled with zippers.

We are learning to make masks similar to The Lion King musical right now and I so happened to stumble upon plaster gauze. I had no clue what it was but I looked at it. Then two nights later, Michael asks me if I know what this stuff is. Well no but I saw it at the store I think. So I went back to Scrap and bought all they had because it sells for $25 per pound in some cases. I paid $1 per roll. Not bad and I left with another bag of zippers. I tried to make zipper flowers. I wasn't so thrilled with my first try but I'll have to try again with probably a thousand of them now.

Haha I had a long story just to get to my layout. I added zippers to this to add some softness and rough edges. I had more zipper on the layout but I made the photo too big so I had to pull off the existing embellishment and cover it up with Prima flowers. How can I be in stash busting mode (two year old Fancy Pants papers) and bring car loads of really cheap stuff?

Oh by the way, here's a peek into the making of our Lion King Musical adult Simba mask. Riley is a whole lot smaller than the guy who will wear this. We don't know who will be cast until Wednesday. And actually this is more of a mold we are making. We are hoping to make two casts from the plaster gauze I bought. Then we have lionesses, Pumba, Scar, probably Zazu, hyhenas, and the crazy baboon. Haha I can't remember his name right now.