October 1, 2011

October True XOXO Challenge Layout

I admit I've been trying to adjust to the new Fall schedule. This school year, Riley has more activities than ever. I just read through a book I got at the library about tantrums and all things normal with kids. I really didn't feel anything helped because Riley truly is a great kid. But the interesting thing is that it suggested that a child should not have more than TWO extracurricular activities. Do you agree with this? If she only had two...look at what we'd be missing. I know some parents (personally know they) fill up every hour of every day with an activity so they don't need to pay extra for childcare. Some don't care to spend time with their children either. I actually spend time with Riley talking about and teaching her more about her activities. It's easy because I danced professionally. But again, I've gotten sucked up in the chauffeuring and I feel like I only prepare lunches and snacks which has not left any time to scrapbook. I don't even take photos anymore because I am always in the car.

I did manage to get my layout done for the True XOXO Instagram challenge.  

I spent quite a few hours on this but I actually didn't change the cardstock too much from it's original state. I used PanPastels to do a little bit of extra shading around the edges of all of the elements. The ribbon is from May Arts...it's velvet. I haven't played around too much with the PanPastels since I got them back in June. But I have another challege coming up and needed yellow chevron. I didn't have paper with a chevron patter nor did I want to diecut anything at 3am. So here came my thought about changing the color of the ribbon.

I used the sponge applicator and swiped it across the ribbon. Easy as that. Seriously! Then I sprayed it with fixative. Yes, I did that too in the middle of the night indoors. I don't have an iPhone and I know I've played around with various photo apps. My phone doesn't compare to my camera so I used Lightroom to edit my photo. After about three Presets, I had an over saturated photo that is an Instagram wannabe. I added a white box behind the image (as a layer in Photoshop Elements) and gave that a shadow. Once I was done with my coloring, I created my own sparkly mist out of Ranger Perfect Pearls and water. This layout is full of color and sparkle in person. There are also gold ring stickers by Starform which I ordered through Glitter Ritz/Elizabeth Craft.

I had so much fun just shading in the colors that I want the new musical costumes to use PanPastels too. Okay that would be way too expensive, but I can just imagine the possibilities. Have I mentioned that this year's musical is going to be The Lion King? Yes, you may lose me again when I begin designing costumes but this time my friend says I have to take you along for the ride in my costume making process.