May 4, 2011

Spring Bird Cage

It's been warming up around here and I'm seeing so many things pop up that are signs Spring is in full bloom. I can say my eyes have been itchy for over a month so I know they are. But one of the truest signs is that we have had a hummingbird nesting right by our porch for at least a month now. We had another bird how seems to love the porch but it's not so exciting. What you are seeing in the photo are the two hatched babies. So this leads me to my project today.

In February, my step sister gave me three fabulous bird cages. Now I wouldn't say they necessarily are my "style" but I make things my style (if I even have one). 

Inside where all those colorful eggs are is a candle votive holder. One day Riley and I were picking up her friend for a playdate and we found a warehouse sale. I bought a punch of these for $0.50 each in different colors. So I first laid down leaves from flowers I got at Dollar Tree. Next I put the votive holder in the cage. It would have helped a lot if I knew the top opened too! I put another layer of leaves together while stacking them with 3D glue dots. You can actually see under the branch that the bird is standing on a dot.

Again, some of the newest flowers at Dollar Tree with Prima flower centers and Melissa Frances pearls.

Finally the most time consuming part of this. I diecut two chipboard pieces. Then I used two font sets and one corner stamp from Melody Ross' Chip Art Tools. Actually I painted the chipboard red first. Then I stamped my metal stamp into archival ink. I hammered in the design to deboss and stamp. I added an additional 7 Gypsies color wash. I have no clue where it came from. Probably from my step sister Susan! I glued the two pieces of chipboard together while sandwiching a layer of gathered lace in between. To hand the piece I also added clear nylon fishing wire. The bead caps were colored with Chili Pepper alcohol ink by Ranger and pearls added to the top.

All this was inspired by a cute mama hummingbird who almost poked my eyes out while I was shooting photos of it's babies. Boy do those hummingbirds fly in fast. It's a good thing they are loud and I could hear her coming! 


Jainnie said...

Such a sweet project! I love seeing and hearing the hummingbirds. They are so delicate and tiny. How wonderful to be able to see their nest!

Anonymous said...

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