February 22, 2011


I haven't been scrapbooking much because I have been designing and making costumes. . . yes STILL! Anyways, Michael cleaned out the garage this weekend and found some of my old polymer clay pendants. So here is the deal. All except for the ginko leaf pin at the bottom left, they are all Japanese inspired inro pendants. I've included a few from different techniques below. Some use mica shift, mokume gane, custom silk screens I created, image transfers, etc. The open up and you can store something small like a $20 bill in them when you go out. Back in the day, the Japanese would tie these to their belts and store their drugs in them.  These took me hours to make and outside of the cording, it is made of 100% polymer clay.

Anyhow, I will be giving one of these away next week. To win, please leave a comment by March 1. Good luck!


Jainnie said...

Wow! I've always loved the stuff you made in polymer clay. And I've always had intentions of making inros, yet somehow haven't gotten to that yet!! :)

Urvashi Patel said...

Wow! The pendants are beautiful. I especially love the blue one.

Bonnie said...

Can I please have one? I will store my drugs in them. (My antibiotics.)