October 25, 2010

Colour? Or is it Color?

I'm venturing off again into another Big Picture class. This time it's playing around with colors. Here is my pre-class assignment: tags. It so happened that I as you know do not make tags. It also is a coincidence that Tinkerbell and her fairy friends matched the color scheme perfectly. In the class we are starting with the colors of the rainbow and then venturing into neutrals. The pre-class project filled up our rainy afternoon. Riley made her own set of matching tags and included tags for Bobble and Clank. I made mine for her because I knew I wouldn't have much use for them afterwards. Actually now that I say that. . . I probably could add them to layouts.


Holly* said...

Very cool Alaina! I keep seeing this Colour? or Color? class! Looks super neat!

Bonnie said...

I like Tinkerbell's layout the best!