October 4, 2010

Altered book from The Sampler October

I altered a book a little different than I normally do for this month's The Sampler kit. I like to think of this as more of a big greeting card. This was actually really quick and fun. My nephews would tell me about books the library would give away. Riley started reading over the summer and I've collected quite a few hard covered books to experiment with. This little baby I actually folded all the pages in half. Once that was done it looked a little like this from the side.

I inked it a bit to add some color. Then measured the book cover slightly larger than the folded pages and cut them with a knife. I didn't cut it all the way through and then folded them back onto itself. I didn't feel like painting so I made a cover out of left over fabric.

As you can see I decorated both sides. And the tag that is under "Happy Day" is actually a gift card. So this makes a nice little decorate "card" of sorts to leave for your coworker on his/her birthday. And how about adding a cupcake in front of it with a flag made from the same paper? Oh that would definitely get the office buzzing about your creativity!


Holly* said...

super cute! perfect addition to a card stash!