June 21, 2010

Summer stress!

Just when one thinks she'll have a carefree summer, we ended our dance school year on Sunday. Seven hours of dancing. Some really the same pieces we saw in the other shows. After the show on Saturday (yes shows that day too besides all the dress rehearsals during the week), we picked up a puppy. Here's a photo of us taking him into Target to get a leash minutes after picking him up from the breeder.

Buster is a mini Dachshund and can't say how big he is now but he's pretty light. Full grown he will be about 9-11 pounds. He has a white body and brown spots. His head is all brown with the exception of that little spot in the middle of his head. I'm sure you'll see more of him.

He sure doesn't like to be left outside or be alone. I like to think of him as the dog I wanted minus 50 pounds. He's looking like he is a lap dog. That's the last thing I wanted. . . especially being on my lap. But it is my lap he is drawn toward.

So I guess if you're bored of seeing every layout containing just Riley. . . we now have someone new to scrapbook. Although he likes the camera a bit too much and gets really close.  Well. . . wish us luck on our new venture. Gees the CARPET!


Miss Jaster said...

awww. he's cute! :)

Bonnie said...

I love that, "Gees the Carpet!"