March 18, 2010

Tutu, cupcakes, and layouts

I tried to make Riley a tutu because we had way over-paid for one last week at Capezio. She wanted it and I knew that my mom would have some additions on how it should be made. She didn't really say anything about how much fabric I would need but of course after I had purchased not enough. . . .she had comments. Figures, right? So anyhow here was the first trial. It's not bad but I know what I could do better. So tomorrow is a new venture where I will combine pink and purple I bought at the same time as the blue to make it make a stiffer, fluffier version.

I missed wishing you all a happy St. Patrick's day by 15 minutes now. Guess in Hawaii it's still St. Patrick's day. Here's what we made. It's Martha's brown sugar pound cupcakes where I added green. She had a recipe for Bailey's Irish Cream icing but seriously the woman needs to kick it up a notch. I think I added like 4x the Bailey's that was called for. These are actually the larger sized cupcakes (the size of 2 normal ones). I like it much better. Anyways, who wants to stop at eating just 1. Yeah I know I don't eat any unless it's gluten free. So that leads to me to what Michael said about them. He said they were heavy.  Ehhhh. Well again it's supposed to be a pound cake. So hopefully everyone else thought they were ok because I sure know that Martha does me wrong quite a bit with her recipes. I guess the fun part was the green dye -- my own little twist. And the Bailey's. Now I'm thinking I need to make a mudslide cupcake because Mudslides (on the rocks) used to be my favorite drink.  Kahlua cupcakes with a Bailey's butter cream?

Guess I have some layouts for you to take a peek at too. These were done for's class. The prompt was cardstock. Plain cardstock. When do I ever really use plain cardstock other than for a background? I don't generally paper piece. I have the perfect machine to do it and never do. So I did. I used a cotton ball for the big puffy cloud to cover up the edge of the photo. The coins, they are chocolate. Well I figured they have been sitting at my mom's for years. It'll be fine on a layout because chocolate doesn't go bad. It'll bloom and could melt. . . but when does it really get that hot here to make my pages inside the house get so hot.

And this one is K&Company. I simply took two pieces of the same cardstock. I left one alone (besides distressing and inking) and the other I cut two circles. I then stitched the larger one onto the background. Then I stitched around the center circle but I popped that with foam tape. There are various rubons from Creative Imaginations and Prima Say It with Pearls. Plus I sanded and distressed the edge of the photo to go along with the paper.


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