March 8, 2010

St. Patrick's day teacher gifts

Since Riley has a pinch of Irish (it could be a dash, smidgen, tablespoon, cup. . . .) in her, we make St. Patick's day gifts. Actually this is the first time I'm doing it. These look way cuter in person. I kind of regret at this point putting on the Studio G glitter glue though. Here's why. It was only $1 for the bottle. I thought that it would be better than using up the precious Stickles. But the bottle is too hard to squeeze. And there's too much slime like stuff in the glue. I swear for only eight, four leaf clovers my hand cramped up about 9 times. And that's even using two hands to get it out of the bottle. It's in a weird drying stage now. Again, kind of slimey.

In my photo it doesn't even look like the penny is shiney. It is though. Inside I sewed three bars of Jolly Ranchers Apple sticks. The stamp was also Studio G by HamptonArt. If you need a template, please let me know.

I stitched about it all closed except for 1/2 of the last clover. With the needle down, I stuck in the three apple sticks.  It's kind of hard to stitch the rest closed but it does it. The ribbon covers the fact that I didn't close it up all the way. I wanted to stitch down the stem but I'm not that good. Oh by the way, the cardstock is BoBunny. I know. . . .all that good stuff and they'll just rip it open and throw it away.


Bonnie said...

I'm jealous...again.