February 3, 2010

Kindergarten we are ready!

Riley and I went to sign up for elementary school today. Here she is walking out of the house in her new skirt that my mom made her. So I bought the pattern which my mom said wasn't so cute and was too expensive. She had me cut the pattern wrong and I had to go out and buy more fabric. (She's going to say as she's reading this that I didn't show her the cutting guide.) I started to sew this but after one stitch she said we'd do it another time. . . well that time never happened. Then she tells me it was too hard of a project to sew even though the pattern said that it was for beginners. Well after she finished this skirt, she said how easy it was to sew. She proceeded to sew the Valentine fabric I picked out for skirt #2. Yeah and how cute it is. . . you believe that? Now she thinks that the skirts are the cutest things. After all that. . . .and now she is into buying more fabric to make other skirts for Riley. I will never be able to sew this skirt myself. She did by the way give me permission to tell everyone that I made the two skirts. I think this is a way better story.

Pattern: modkid boutique

I bought the Kyoko and Ava patterns for Riley and her doll last week along with the dress bags pattern. Emma which we purchased fabric for already was bought at the time she cringed at the thought of me making anything. I will tell you how she loves that pattern too once she sews the dress. We have Kyoko in a fabric she approves of and purchased on Sunday at Eddie's Quilting Bee.


Bonnie said...

Oh, this is way too cute...all the Mommies at school will be so jealous.

Christie said...

Oh wow. I LOVE this skirt. Thanks for sharing your funny story and the link! I've got to get this sometime soon!