February 17, 2010

Another modkid dress

Here is the Kyoko dress from ModKid Boutique. My mom sewed this. I didn't even attempt it. Note to those who may buy the pattern: the measurements for the fabric for the dress in the pattern is not calculated in the amount you need to make the skirt. Yeah it only includes the stuff you need for the top portion (aka above the waist). And there is no pattern to make the bottom. This is according to my mom. I'm not too sure if the skirt material is included in the doll pattern. All I know is that I had to hear many phone calls complaining how she had to make it all fit.

Riley didn't have the shoulder up all the way when modeling. Plus she doesn't long sleeves which first intuition told my mom to make the short sleeve version. Oh well. And right my mom is finishing up the garment bags for the doll and Riley. I started it but seriously it's missing steps 9 and 10 but no pages are missing. Go figure. . . all the pages are appropriately marked. I'm seeing some inconsistencies and errors in the patterns and photos but the cuteness (and uniqueness)  of the final outcome outweigh the negative.


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