January 29, 2010

Roses and a cupcake inspired by SEI

Lack of sleep has led me down the path of forgetfulness. Here are additional magnets I made for the SEI magnet challenge.

The first two (actually I made 6) are roses from the Twitterpatted line.The top flower had been inked, sprayed with four colors of Glimmer Mist, and a dab of Perfect Pearls. The second is just inked and Glimmer Mist. I used 1/2" circular magnets at the base. Funny how a girl who doesn't make magnets accumulates all this stuff. These are about 3" wide.

The final one is a polymer clay cupcake. Can you believe that my hands have touched clay again after almost 5 years? I conditioned 30 pounds of Fimo the other day in the food processor (no. . . it's dedicated to clay so don't worry). Yes I was that serious about clay way back then and there's probably 100+ more pounds of Kato, Premo and Fimo clay waiting. But now that I have Riley there's a need for cute stuff and I've never done cute. . . it's always been Asian jewelry inspired. Anyhow. . . a cupcake wrapped in Chick-a-dee paper. . . figured the dots went well with the sprinkles. You can't tell by the image (especially because you cannot see any yellow in the design of the paper)  but the colors are true to the paper. The cupcake is about 2" tall. Oh by the way the magnet is on the back side of the cupcake which you don't see. . . I made the cupcake as a whole and sliced about 1/3 off the back to make it flat.