January 12, 2010

I know I said I would never sew.

And yes I do admit to saying that "I will die before I scrapbook." I made this Amy Butler diaper bag last night without the diaper pad and bottle bag. It has six pockets on the inside and is rather heavy. I can think of a few reasons why I actually wanted to attempt to do more than learn to thread the machine. Have I ever told you this is my second real machine and I've had it for years and couldn't tread any of them? I couldn't even thread those $10 ones they sell at the scrapbook stores so I gave those away. My other machine. . . yeah decided it was the machine and not me so it made it's way to Salvation Army. But I've finally did it. Oh yeah my reasons for sewing:

1. I'm not working so I need some type of challenge.
2. I must have some sort of OCD.
3. Riley should have stuff that is really unique that other girls don't and my mom is too busy making cards to do it.
4. Have you seen the fabric? They look like scrapbooking paper. Ok there are scrapbooking paper designs on fabric and yes I have bought them.

I've repurposed my jeans into aprons and made bags with my old sweaters but this is the first from a bought cut of fabric. I have an album cover I made that is sitting in my purse. I need to finish the pages soon to show you. And I'll be starting an SLR camera bag. Good luck, right?


Bonnie said...

you must check this Japanese fabric store in the Richmond that sells designer fabric: http://www.peapodfabrics.com/. You'll never buy fabrice from Joanna again.