January 13, 2010

I didn't talk her into it.

As much as everyone (you know who you are) wants to think, I never talked Riley into this. In December, she got into a kick where she wanted to get her ears pierced. Even before she was born I said I wanted to let her make the decision on her own because it would be one of the few that she had total control over. So again, she was on the kick because she had those princess clip on earrings and they hurt. So we went to have her ears pierced. I was accused of brain washing her into it but all I ever had done was tell her what to expect. That resulted in getting ready to pierce ears and her holding them and screaming. CRYING CRYING CRYING! So then she was convinced to wait until she was five.

Riley's Auntie Susan sent some magnetic earrings and she's been playing with them. Last night she said she was ready. So then she called _________ to see if she would go with us but ___________ goes and screams that it'll HURT and she should wait until she is 5! Well peeved me so we hung up on  ___________.

So today  we drove down to the mall and Riley climbed up in the chair and let them do their thing. She even changed her mind on the earrings she was going to get from the last time. She's sitting downstairs so happy with herself and saying it doesn't hurt anymore.

My baby is getting big and she used up her one decision in life at 4-1/2 years old. What now? Boo hoo.


Bonnie said...

Wow! Riley and Crystal, they need to talk. Good job Riley!