November 8, 2009

The reason we're home

Riley was sent home mainly because of this. . . yes she tried to do a late night escape!

She was riding. . .SPEEDING and doing slide outs down the hall at 10pm. Actually it was probably later. Then she got up and resumed her racing activity in the morning. She was the only one who ever left her room. There were a few babies whose mothers were still under OB's care. 

So Riley caught the some virus from SOMEONE who always seems to be sick. Luckily it wasn't swine flu and one doctor thought for sure tests would come back positive. Then didn't eat much which triggered what they call ketotic hypoglycemia. Kids get it and grow out of it (one doc said at 9 and one said 5 years old).

Since I knew how to use a blood sugar monitor, they released us yesterday with my doing 3 night time test. Last night the numbers were excellent and tomorrow we have a follow up appointment with her regular doctor. 

Oh btw, there was a ton of packaged EK Success embellishments in the playroom at the hospital but Michael wouldn't let me touch them. 


Bonnie said...

Riley, you're such a rebel! Just like Mommy. We're so glad that you're home and feeling a tad better.

Andrea said...

Hi! I loooove your blog. Keep on posting! I have one too. ^^ Check it out some time?