November 18, 2009

Christmas is sneaking up on me!

This year has been trying. . . .so many bad things have happened and I'm just trying to understand everything. After every occurrence I've neglected the crafting. Christmas is really sneaking up on me. I guess the best part of the year is that it has moved quickly. Have you ever noticed how life now moves much faster than when you were in high school? Gees those 10 months of school lasted forever and as soon as you knew it, there were another long torturous 10 months.

Anyhow, I managed to get myself into gear and start producing. Recently I took my mom up an "outlet" warehouse that sells old Red Envelope products. This year they've had more of the rejects. There were a lot of the silver plated items with the wrong engraving and I took advantage of that. How else is a girl going to get products that have sold for $90 for $1-$3? What they don't know is I'm here altering everything. Here's the first in what I purchased. It's a silver plated ornament. The only thing "wrong" with these is that there was no engraving on the ones I picked out. I took some Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses and covered the box. I have a dozen and yes have only completed one so far. The ornament measures about 4" wide. Michael helped me take off the silver string and his way of helping was to cut them vs. taking the knots out. So I'll have to seek another alternative for the other 10 he helped with.

The flower on the front is Prima of course. I know you already know me so well. What I did here was made it into a hair clip. This clips onto the bow as another part of the present. Well hope you enjoy taking a peek. . . it makes me forget about how life currently is.


Bonnie said...

You are always so creative! Take me with you the next time Red Envelope has a sale. Don't worry, things will only get better from here.