October 30, 2009

Where's the Halloween Spirit?

I'm a bit disappointed at the participation at Riley's school this year. I know it's her third and final year of preschool and that most of the kids are new. . . but when don't parents know they should bring treats too? Every year I have brought goody bags and Riley has left with a big bag full of treats. This year I showed you the bats and spiders. Times are tough with my decision to be a SAHM for the time being but we still made gifts to share. Riley brought enough for kids to have two each but the school decided to pass them out to the other class as well. Victoria, the BFF, brought popcorn. To sum it up, only three out of approximately 60 brought anything to share. I know Riley doesn't care but when school suggests treats and I'm paying tuition as well. . . okay I do care. Done with my gripe for today.

Here's a peek at the costume for TODAY. Riley was Rosetta, Tinkerbell's Garden Fairy friend. She gets to wear a costume at hula class this afternoon so we'll see if she still wants to be Rosetta.


glitterbygrammie said...

She is so cute. I also agree with you on the treat thing. The schools my grandkids go to don't allow homemade goodies. Which I have some really cool recipes but can't use them. But still the parents could donate a goody or two. As a grandparent I donate to my grandkids class rooms at least once during the school year to help out. We all ahve to help each other.