October 31, 2009

Michael's Halloween Kids Craft Morning

What was I thinking? I've been feeling great the past few days. Seriously first time zero stress. Then I decide to go to Michael's for the kids Halloween craft session. OMG so much chaos. The employees didn't know what to do. The parents were pushy and moody. I ended up helping out. Oh I think I forgot to pick up my paycheck at the front desk!

I never wear a costume but I saw someone post a cute photo of a cupcake on the Imaginisce facebook page. I'm contemplating since it'll be an easy thing with what I have here. I'd have to figure out what to do for my cherry on top. Maybe a red hat or a big red pom pom. We'll see. You'll see if I go through with it.


Amanda said...

Hey there Alaina. I gave you an Over the top award on my blog. Cause your a talented lady.