July 29, 2009

Last photos

These were some of the last photos taken by my Mark II and my fav lens (Canon EF 24-105mm, f4). . . I am really having a hard time with this. Seriously not really much about the watch even though it was my 1st anniversary gift. . .just missing my favorite camera. The other 5d missing. . .not so much because the Mark II was the one I used all the time. And the cop could have caught the guy who was still in the house. It's just upsetting.

See the pony? I paid $5 for what I thought would be a ride around the pen where the horses were. . . no we walked the entire farm. The woman had me hold the leash and guide him. He sneezed on my feet six times. I will not wear flip flops again when Riley wants a pony ride.