March 20, 2009

Two imaginary friends?

Yes that's right. . .Riley has picked up another imaginary friend. So do you remember Abu? He's the monkey from Aladdin that walked into our house in December. Well the other day Riley was talking about Abu and she's into this big kick about boys & girls. So I asked her what Abu was and if it was a girl. That was when Abu was said to be a boy (which she's said before) but at that very moment we have Abu #2 who is a girl. And not only is she a girl (his "friend" and nothing more than a friend) but she wears a ribbon on her head. Color of course is pink. . . like there are no other colors in this world.

I was just thinking about where Abu sleeps. He's upgraded from a box to a sleeping bag (bubble wrap my camera came in with bling). I hope we don't get any more friends because I'm running out of space.