March 22, 2009

Ever know something is a really bad idea

Have you ever watched a crazy teenager and know that she's going to do something really stupid before she does it? This is Jacquelynn, Riley's cousin. She throws a ball over a fence thinking that she could run around it and play in a baseball field. Little did she know, after making Riley and I walk to the end, that the fence was locked. Oh she dreaded going over it but I sure wasn't with 4" heels in a muddy field and a camera. The funniest part of it was that she was texting her friends through the trauma and thought that the fire department was going to have to save her. She called her sister and she came out to watch but no one helped. Haha.

I think this deserves a scrapbook page with journalling. Just right for my Telling Stories Deeply class at Big Picture.