March 2, 2009

Long day

Today seems like such a long day. I actually just got home from a doctor appointment at 10am and then a trip up to Roseville where a scrapbook store is closing. I had never been to Scrapbook Station before. Wasn't really impressed with the selection but they have paper racks and fixtures on sale. Boy if you were opening up a store, the tables and chairs were a great deal. Even those huge heavy walk around racks they called "gandolas" were only $25. I thought I would be able to bring my racks home. . . but no luck. I bought three full racks for $40 each. Do I have that much paper to fill it up? You betcha. So I have to drive another 260 miles (round trip) again in April to pick them up. Crazy. . . guess that's why I'm tired. (HAHA told you I'm tired. I just realized I scrapped that photo for LOAD day 26).

But I did manage to get a bit of creativity out the door even if simple using the Basic Grey Two Scoops left overs from the Star of the Week board. You'll find a trend that when I do a project I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and put the extra paper away so I just try to use them right then and there. I've got another partially finished (yes another one to add to the 20 others that just need photos).

I played around with my new 5D last night while everyone slept. Way different from the original. But from what I can see from the screen on the camera, the Mark II rocks in low light.