March 11, 2009

Are all little girls so observant?

Yesterday Riley's ballet teacher was wearing a flower in her hair with "string." On our way home from dinner she told be about the flower and the string. Of course what followed was the fact that Riley wanted one too. Do all little girls notice all this stuff? Well, luckily I have enough supplies and the ability to make stuff . . . yes it creates one spoiled girl. Last night while everyone was asleep, I brought out the Prima Windsor flowers, ribbon and an alligator hair clip.

Take about 4-1/2" of coordinating 3/8" grosgrain ribbon and put glue on one side (entire length). I used Crafter's Pick Ultimate. Open up a clip and place one end inside. Next fold over the top of the clip. Then fold into the inside of the part you pinch to open and place remaining 1/2" on the underside of the clip. Grab a small piece of non-slip cabinet liner and glue onto the inside of the clip on top of the ribbon. Then glue on the flower. Anyways, I have all of the flowers in the collection so you know that means I have a few more to make. Plus she told me I needed some too. She was at least happy and so far has received many compliments on her shopping excursion with my mom today.

Interested in some of the flowers wholesale. . . let me know. I think they sell for $5 for 4 retail. This way you can get the discount and not buy bulk.