December 17, 2008

Instead of going shopping. . .

Riley wanted to watch TV after school. So during Dora, Diego, Backyardigans and in between my job hunt and recruiter emails. . . I did something a little different. I took a Prima Paintable and grabbed my alcohol inks which is something I don't use much. . .if at all. Taking a metal paint pallet, I dried out about 4 drops of a bunch of colors with the hair dryer. Then grabbed the Koi pen and added blending solution to it. Using the dried inks as watercolors. . . I painted away. Nice thing about this is it all blends nicely. Since I have a lot of acrylic paints from my clay silk screening days, I dry brushed the edges with Golden irridescent paint (which gives the inks a pearl look) and adhered the transparency to the pink cardstock. Using the Masters class kit I got last week in the mail. . . I started to decorate away. I wanted to do something not so typical of me using a lot of stuff that I don't tend to use like lace, and the little epoxy dew drops. Plus I mixed up my brands in a way which I don't tend to do (Basic Grey paper with the Prima design). Maybe this is a sign that I just don't want to be working in the same industry anymore. Who knows because I don't even know if I like the results.

The other two layouts are Sassafras Lass. . . .just a little fun to make myself happy in my own way with scraps and such.


Anonymous said...

All three of these layouts are awesome. Love what you did with the inks. Looks great.