December 12, 2008

Day 3

I had to adjust my twelve days of layoffs. Day one. . . .Jerry gave to me, one last cup of free tea. Today is day three and Jerry gave to me, 3 WASTED hours. My full version is one hour commute and a 2 hour tran-sit-ion meeeeeeting.

Some say I've lost it, especially Carie. But I have nothing else to do now but scrapbook and my mind still runs.

Here's a picture of my Halloween shadow box. I can't stop making these. My life is all about 12" canvases. And btw, no matter what you hear. . . Cheap Joe is the man! All this about Dick Blick. . . bah. I used to order from there but Cheap Joe's 1.5" profiles are cheaper than Blick's 3/4". Let's keep that my little secret, ok?

Ouhhh mail man just dropped off a package from Prima Marketing. . . .it's my class packet from the Prima Master Class. I think I'll make it into a canvas shadow box. Haha. I might be going nuts. Today's only the 3rd day and I had 2 months to prep for it. Anyhoooo I am still getting paid by Yahoooooo!


Janine Wahl said...

I love the canvas, you did an awesome job with the Prima. Enjoy your Prima Master class!