November 25, 2008

What to do with my clay

Since I had Riley, I've neglected clay. It used to be my passion. Now it's all about scrapbooking. I have realizations that I should integrate the two and play around with mixed media. I just can't get myself to pull out the clay and start that motor again. Maybe it's because I never made a lot of cute things and went for the time consuming things with complex construction. I know I just love to sand items to the point where I've gone too far.

Now I guess is the perfect time to set up in the backyard (I am not having little crumbs of clay all over the house) and have Riley clay too. What do you think. . . do I quit all together and find a new home for my 100s of pounds of clay or find a new inspiration? I came across Maddy Hill's blog last week after seeing a blurb on Scrapscene. Think she's my new scrap godess. . . .


Anonymous said...

I think you should get it out and play again. If you don't love it as much anymore then you'll know, and can get rid of it. (=