November 22, 2008

Early morning adventures

We are all in Monterey for a wedding. Our girl had to call Derrick and Kent in the other room at 7am. I think it's time to start memorizing real phone numbers vs. room numbers. She must have called them 30 times in 5 minutes. Guess I should be thankful she was in such a good mood so early in the morning.

The gang took a walk on the beach. My mom of course thought she would survive and well. . . .was scared to go out. Derrick and Kent got the only pair of shoes they brought wet. Kent did find a few animals who have gone to a happier place. . . like a huge sea lion. I'll spare you the pictures unless you really want to see it. It was interesting. But for now. . . you get a photo of Riley talking on the phone. I think she's getting an early start to her teenage years.


maddy hill said...

hehee love the relaxed leg on the table ! priceless and yes i have seen that stance before when mine where teenagers - so shes definatly getting the practice now ! lol