November 14, 2011

Fall Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I've seen various burlap wreaths on Pinterest so I decided to make one myself. It helped that I had all of the supplies already on hand. A few weeks ago, I had purchased many yards of colored burlap from Scrap in San Francisco. It's a city run organization where people donate items and they sell most of the stuff pretty cheap. This project cost me no more than $2 but takes some patience to complete. I forgot to take a photo of the wreath in good light so sorry for the crappy photo.

Glue gun
Glue sticks
Burlap (I used four colors total)
Dies (flower and leaves) and diecutter or hand cut 

The wreath comes from Dollar Tree. I also had this on hand for several months since I was supposed to teach the Spring chipboard floral wreath but the class fell through. It is a 9-inch wreath.

Plug in glue gun now to warm up. I started with cutting the natural colored burlap into 4" squares. Warning: the fibers get everywhere. My glue gun is covered in them. It was all over my clothes and on my sewing machine on the floor. It stuck to my cutting mat too. (Somehow my phone's camera turned on to black and white.) You'll need a lot of squares.

Next I  placed hot glue on one corner and folded the square into a triangle. 

Then put a bit more glue onto the same corner and fold over one point to the center. 

Flip over the fabric and place yet again another dot of glue than fold over other corner. One thing I found is that the glue stayed hotter than usual on the burlap than on other materials. Yes I did burn my fingers several times on hot glue. You may have to hold onto the glued fabric because it doesn't seem to want to stay shut (again...felt like it wanted to stay hot). It will look like a folded origami square.

Once glue is cold and the piece stays shut, you'll want to slide your finger into it and puff it up into a bubble.

Now glue whatever way you wish onto the wreath with the bubble side up. Vary how you glue each onto the wreath so it's not all uniform to look ruffle-like. I started with the center of the wreath and completed the entire circle. Then I glued the inside row of the wreath and finished with the outside.

I used Sizzix's Tim Holtz Tattered Flower die to cut the flowers. The leaves were also Sizzix cut on the Big Shot. And I cut off the plastic shanks vintage buttons I also found at Scrap.