August 4, 2011

Woody Car Album

I have to admit that I made this album in early June. This was a class at the LSS. In general, I don't take many project based classes but this custom car was so cute, I couldn't pass it up. The car itself is made of actual wood. The teacher had custom Accucut dies made to cut the pieces. I, of course, took tracings of the car just in case I ever decided I wanted to make a pink woody car album. A lot of the embellishments are from my personal stash. . . you know the dollar scrapbooking booth at the Expo shows. BTW, there's a show coming up next week!

The right page shown above is a thin acrylic. I had purchased Tsukineko's Goose Bumps spray days before the class at Michael's with a coupon. It was fabulous. . . hopefully you can see a bit of what it does. I think it is like Diamond Glaze but watered down. I have yet to actually test a watered down version to see if it performs the same.

The spray bubbles up like water droplets. I thought it was perfect for a beach album.

I made the straw umbrella with Lifestyle Crafts umbrella drink dies. I knew that the album would get crushed so I cut the umbrella out of Grunge Paper. It is painted with a high pigment/glittered powder my mom purchased while I was on vacation. It's made by Object Arts called Color Bizarre. Everything shown online shows the product is made specifically for glass. I mixed the powder with a bit of decoupage glue and WOW! It looks great as if I had used Glitter Ritz. The color was strong and the glitter was super shimmery.

The page on the right is one of my favorites. The beach chair was so much fun. I misted the chipboard and bent it a bit so that it would hold shape. Then I adhered with a glue gun to give dimension.

And this little flip out, we used Basic Grey magnets as an enclosure.

 These last two pages are my least favorite but I think overall the album was really fun to work with.


Jainnie said...

That is so incredibly cute, Alaina! I know someone from Hawaii who needs an album like that!! Great work you did on this!!