May 2, 2011

Ready made photo album ALTERED part 1

I decided to venture into the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration class. I don't think so much for the art journalling aspect but more for creative inspiration. I am really getting a late start at the class.

One of the many zillion projects is a book to hold the weekly assignments. The ones I have seen have been chipboard, sketch books or ones with canvas covers. I thought about stitching one together but really didn't want to spend a whole lot of time with the book because I wasn't sure I would like the class. I've found myself loving my book already. I will show you the steps I took to complete the cover.

1. This is what I started with. I got a bunch of photo albums last year for $1. This one is a pleather cover with a bunch of page. It has a spine like a traditional scrapbook with the screws. I originally was going to replace the pages with chipboard covered pages but had a total brainstorm going on in my head.

2. I took a piece of canvas and did a good estimate on size and traced where I thought the window was. I had to because I could not find a ruler. Looks good enough, right? I cut the piece slightly smaller so I could still see the stitching.

3. I grabbed some Thermoweb Heat n Bond No Sew and headed to the ironing board after I cut a piece to match the canvas. Remember that I have already preshrunk my canvas fabric (I saw a 25% shrinkage when working with it direct from the store).

4. Next I ironed my canvas because geesh it sits in a crumpled pile. I starched the canvas as well. Then followed the directions on the package of Heat n Bond and adhered it to the canvas.

5. I cut out the window and peeled the backing off the fabric.
6. You will have to keep in mind that my album is synthetic. I could not keep the iron in one place for too long nor touch the iron to the album. So I kept the iron moving and the canvas adhered perfectly! I didn't put the piece on perfectly lined up but no one will notice once I am done.

I will be back tomorrow with the creative portion of the altered photo album. Have a nice day! I am heading to the beach!!


LollyChops said...

I just wanted to drop and let you know that I saw the wreath you made over on GCD Studios and it's STUNNING! Absolutely amazing work! Kudos to you for the creation of such a lovely piece!